Weingut Netzl

The winery is located in the heart of the wine-growing-region of Carnuntum – in the village of Göttlesbrunn. It is there that the family produces both its complex and well-structured red wines, as well as the refreshing and aromatic whites. Their main goal is to maintain the elegance, finesse, and character of both the grapes and the wines in order to make every sip an unparalleled experience. From 2021 vintage on, all Weingut Netzl wines will have a certified eco label.

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Landhaus MAYER

Gerhard J. Lobner, production manager of Landhaus Mayer, and the winegrowers jointly decide which steps to take in the vineyards. The vines are closely monitored from the pruning up to the optimal harvest time. "I cannot even begin to describe the potential of these areas", Gerhard J. Lobner enthusiastically says. Due to structural change, many of the prime vineyards are highly endangered of being abandoned. Landhaus Mayer wants to take countermeasures and develop promising prospects with the local winegrowers.

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