Weingut Boch

In the 1980s, Michaël Boch presented himself at a very young age to take over the small and sympathetic family domain of father Heribert. When he was barely 16 he got his first vineyard from his father and at the age of 21 he was the youngest winemaker in the Moselle. He has 2 of the most enviable vineyards in Trittenheim at his disposal. The Altärchen vineyard, which forms the inner meander of the Moselle, and the famous Apotheke vineyard, blessed with an exceptional terroir. This south-westerly oriented steep slope (up to 70% gradient) that forms the outer bend of the Moselle here is composed of the famous Shiesser layers on which Riesling finds an ideal substrate and which give these wines an exceptional tension and minerality. The medals, awards and prizes can hardly be counted at the Boch house, but they have never made the modest Michael walk wrong. Meanwhile, son Maximilian is already playing the drums to be able to contribute. He has already completed an internship at some of the most renowned wine estates in the Moselle and, like his father, has barely outgrown his diapers and is already ready to introduce new ideas and realize his own projects. The future is assured with this. A reassuring idea for any wine lover who has ever had the privilege of getting to know this affable winery.

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FIZZERO, a new project producing excellent non-alcoholic sparkling wines from the Mosel with innovating techniques.

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Weingut Pflüger

In Bad Durkheim, the heart of the Pfalz. The Pflüger winery is a family business, for several generations now. Their love for nature shows well in their wines; everything that happens here is ecological. Since Alexander, who now runs the winery, is allergic to pesticides, they make no use of any sort of pesticides nor fertilizers.

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Franken is a region of peace, culture and relaxation. Taking things just a bit slower. The heart of the wine region is located in the triangle around Wûrzburg. You can also find the traditional 'German' grapes here, but it is especially "Sylvaner" that is king of the region here! With a lot of effort and passion, Suzanne and Hugo Brennfleck make several wonderful wines that were internationally awarded on several occasions. On a terroir like this quality is the only option. They therefore work with the greatest respect for nature and with an experience in wine that has been for over 400 years. Here, wine is a way of life, as they stated: "We want you to taste our love for wine! Wine is so much of our life in history: Historical, cultural, architectural, traditional, social,... Wine is very diverse and that distinguishes itself from many other beverages. With a sip of wine you will discover the region, the landscape, the vintage and the signature of the wine maker. His variety inspires and opens up unprecedented possibilities! " It says a lot about the dedication of the Brennfleck family and their wines. Here, you will find the best "Sylvaners" in the world!

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