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Mon Frère

The Mon Frère Winery originated from a collaboration between one of the most legendary winemakers in America, Tom Hinde and perhaps one of the most important wine-related families after the prohibition in twinties, the Taub family. It is not a unique vineyard or winery, but by utilizing vineyards in different locations in California regions and different clones of the same grape, they work optimally towards a complete version of what wine in California has to offer in a fairly responsible price range. . "Mon Frère" is an ode to those special and rare friends who feel like family and for whom you are happy to bring out your best bottle. The wines are incredibly versatile and a testable proof of what their grape can offer. The presentation honors in a pleasant way what friendship has to offer in all its forms ... In good and bad times!

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The Taub family is a big name in California on the scene of wine and spirits. Their history goes back to the end of the prohibition in the twenties. As one of the first in America, they received the personal permission of President Roosevelt to produce and distribute alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, we are 3 generations further but still the Taubs are one of the references in California, even for the entire US. Heritance is the most important family vineyard and one of the benchmark wineries of Napa Valley, America's most renowned wine region. Their impressive counter to the absolute top of our European quality wines. Heritance is actually a combination of "Heritage" and "Inheritance", pointing to the start of a new tradition and its sustainable continuation. The wines are made after the example of the greatest Bordeaux and leave the true wine lover with absolute silence!

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Au Contraire

This was the first family vineyard of the renowned Taub family in Sonoma County. The wines are specially made for those who fully embrace life. For those who make the impossible possible! This vision is also presented in a fun way on the label with an illustration that turns expectations upside down. Au Contraire has enviable "Cool Climate" vineyards, especially in these times. Just like in Burgundy, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the royal couple, and just like in the Côte d’Or, the best wines in the world are made here. The exceptional quality is guaranteed by the legendary Californian winemaker Tom Hinde and his experienced team. Who again said that the best Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs are undoubtedly from Burgundy ...? You'll definitly say...AU CONTRAIRE!

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High Heaven Vintners

High Heaven Vintners have their home base in Columbia Valley the largest appellation of Washington State where they have been active for more than 100 years. Their philosophy for obtaining great wines is: "after first understanding how to grow amazing grapes, we set out to make the best wine". The vineyards are located in the "rain shadow" of the Cascade Mountains. They provide a natural barrier that protects the vineyards against rain and extreme conditions and ensure a dry and sunny climate, ideal for the grape grower. Moreover, people work organically everywhere and to the highest quality standards, proving that not only are top wines made in California. High Heaven tastes as it sounds ... Heavenly!

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